Wild Bird Food

Colonels City Blend Wild Bird Seed
Designed to have mass appeal for all types of small birds, this diet includes Red and Yellow Millet, Small Sunflower Seed, Red Dari and much, much more!

City Blend

Winter Food

A popular all-round blend of 15 ingredients including Black Sunflower, Millet, Peanuts and Red Dari.
Colonels WinterFood Wild Bird Food
Colonels Xtra Wild Bird Seed

Xtra (Also available with Aniseed)

Especially appealing for Finches this mix is probably the most popular of all the "Colonels" Wild Bird feeds. It contains an array of ingredients including: Hemp, Linseed, Black Sunflower Seed and Assorted Millet.

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Pack Size 20KG

Pack Size 20KG

Pack Size 20KG

Hi-Energy Wild Bird Food

Colonels Supreme Wild Bird Food

Supreme Wild Bird

A recent addition to the 'Colonels' range, this mix contains 14 ingredients including Assorted Millet and Sunflower Hearts. It has proved to be very popular with all species but more especially Robins, Blue Tits, Wrens and Finches.

Pack Size 20KG

Colonels Summer Feast  Wild Bird Food

Colonel’s Summer Feast

This 'Husk-free' diet is ideal feeding for all year round but is particularly good for the Spring and Summer period when Adult Birds are looking to feed their young with assorted Fruit, Pinhead Oatmeal, Sunflower Hearts and many other ingredients found in this mix.

Pack Size 20KG

Colonels All Seasons Wild Bird Food

Colonel’s All Seasons

This very popular Hi Energy mix is designed to be fed throughout the year. It contains a range of high quality ingredients including: Chopped Peanuts, Assorted Fruit and Sunflower Hearts.

Pack Size 20KG

Colonels Robin and Songbird Wild Bird Food

Colonel’s Robin and Songbird

Ideal for Ground and Table Feeding birds, the formulation of Quality ingredients provides high levels of Protein and Fat to help maintain populations of Small Birds.

Pack Size 15KG